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Lone Pine Chapel:
We take this opportunity to compliment UNICORN Stained Glass Studio for the production of the two stained glass windows for the Lone Pine Chapel at Robertson Barracks. In particular, we appreciate the effort to take a loose brief from the users, prepare a conceptual design and construct two large, quality, stained glass windows for the chapel in a very short space of time, whilst maintaining good clear lines of communication to all concerned. The stained glass windows produced for this project complement the contemporary design of the chapel magnificently. Whilst the windows are large and dominant behind the sanctuary, their design does not detract from the other fixtures in the chapel but complements them with subtle light and movement. The images, entitled 'At the Going Down of the Sun' and 'In the Morning', skillfully evoke strong feelings as you read the windows and understand their meaning, meeting the letter and intent of the brief. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team on this exciting project. The quality of the end product is a compliment to UNICORN and its ability to produce eight square meters of stained glass of such detailed construction in seven weeks is testimony to your programme and procurement skills. We are pleased to recommend UNICORN Stained Glass Studio to prospective clients and look forward to any future opportunity to utilise the services of your firm.
Yours faithfully,

Duncan Tomlinson Project Manager - Package 90
Project Manager and Superintendent for the APIN Project 4 October, 1999
St Mary's Cathedral:
I have known Jon Firth for a period of four years now. I first met Jon through his profession as a stained glass, leadlight artisan, and in connection with the restoration of a large stained glass window in St. Mary's Cathedral, Darwin. Jon was most informative and professional in helping St. Mary's tackle the problem of restoring cyclone damaged windows. By arranging a mutually convenient schedule of repairs and payments we were enabled to have the work done to the satisfaction of both parties. Throughout, Jon was professional and most personable in his dealings with us. He obviously enjoys his work and takes great pain to see that it is completed in all its details. I recommend him highly for any work of this kind.
Fr. Peter Hearn MSC


St Paul's RAAF Chapel:

Jon Firth of Unicorn Stained Glass Studio designed, constructed and installed two series of stained Glass windows in St Paul's Chapel in 1993 and 1995. The first, 'God so loved the world', is 5 square metres and the second 'Earth, Wind and Fire', is 25 square metres. In talking with the Chaplain involved in the projects, Chap. Noel Williams and from my own contacts with Jon since 1996, his professional and personal character is of the highest order. This is no idle statement, to deal with the competing desires of Chaplains, congregations and the RAAF hierarchy requires the Wisdom of Solomon. Coping with the vagaries of payment being sourced from donations, difficulties with buildings and other factors required a range of skills that were not found wanting in Jon. The windows are best left to speak for themselves, but here I can note that just about all who visit the Chapel comment on their beauty and power. I unhesitatingly recommend him for such work.
Yours sincerely
A.J. KNIGHT Chaplain,
Chaplain's Office
During the St Mary's restoration project
Earth Wind and Fire
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Jon Firth was contracted to design and install two stained Glass windows for the new Lone Pine Chapel at Robertson Army Barracks, Palmerston. The chaplains had been asked by the architects for some ideas for the windows, which we provided: 'At the going down of the sun' and 'In the morning', death and resurrection, life, and Lone Pine. These ideas were then passed on to Jon who developed designs based on these themes, and then constructed the windows. Jon showed a good grasp of the theological concepts the chaplains had in mind and was consultative in his approach with us. His knowledge of the different glass materials, use of colour, his design and craftsmanship have given the Chapel two windows that greatly enhance the reflective nature of the building. They have been greatly admired by congregation members and chapel visitors alike. Should there be a need for any further Stained Glass in the Lone Pine Chapel I would be more than happy to turn to Jon Firth for his assistance.
Yours Sincerely.
CHAP Martin Langron
Headquarters 1st Brigade
Robertson Barracks
31st January 2000
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